If you spot me out and about, I will likely have a baby on my hip, two others trailing behind me, coffee in my hand, and a to-do list in my pocket.

If you ask me what my job is, I will try to explain something between a stay at home mom and an entrepreneur. I actually don’t really know myself.

If you ask my what my dream is, I would probably say to help women in all walks of life. The mamas who are drowning in baby prison, teenagers struggling to find their purpose, and women who are looking to make an impact on the world around them.

My desire is to love God and love others, every day of my life. I sprinkle in a little humor for good measure.

Here you will find, lets be honest, a lot of pictures of my own kids and travel adventures. You might see the occasional Beautycounter post, because I use so much of it that I had to become a consultant so that my husband didn’t panic at how much I wanted to spend. :)

I will also post blog posts about random things because this is my website and I will do what I want. ;) BUT ALSO, because I have loved blogging since before “blogging” was cool and made people millionaires. MAN I WISH I WOULD HAVE STUCK WITH IT BACK THEN. Moving on….

This is way too long of an “about me” but that should tell you everything you need to know right there. I talk too much, I have never met a stranger, and you are welcome here! Hello!