Kimla Family Session

A while back, this dad contacted me to surprise his wife with a family session on Mother's Day. How thoughtful is that? If any men are reading this, take note! ;)

We almost had to re-schedule because the little one, who happens to be one of Molly's best friends, busted her eye! Doesn't that always seem to happen? Someone always decides to fall, give themselves a haircut, or bruise something right before pictures. Luckily, Photoshop to the rescue and all is well!

The day of the session was bright, sunny, and beautiful. The weather was in the upper 70s and we couldn't have picked a better night. And then, I go to leave for the session, and the sun disappeared. Poof. Cloudy. Honestly, I love sunny back-lit shots, but the moodiness of the overcast clouds was perfect for this session. I think it captured their snuggles and love perfectly.

It is apparent that there is a tight bond between this family. It might be a mom thing, but when I look through the gallery and start to tear up, I know that I did something right. The weather may not always cooperate, but If I have learned one thing, nothing can dampen the emotion in a photo when it is genuine. <3

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