Carter: September 2014

Carter: September 2014

(a post from a blog circle called "a letter to my son."

If you are friends with me on Facebook, you saw my post about these pictures. Carter was approaching 19 months, and I still had not finished his 18 month pictures. (Photographer's kid) I was down the road, finishing a client's sunrise session, and the light was magical. I called Scott and said, "Has Carter finished breakfast? Put him in a pair of  shorts and get here quick!" (Praise God for a husband that humors me) This was the result of that impromptu session. Hey, you do what you gotta do, am I right? This was before his hair cut, and a much needed one as you can see! I did get a few more at my studio after his haircut, I will post those next month!

Dear Carter, .

You continually amaze us with your sponge of a brain! It kind of freaks us out a bit, not going to lie! Here are some things that you currently love:

  • Singing ABC's, "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", and "Old McDonald" in your own toddler way, of course!
  • Technology of any kind. Whatever you can get your hands on! Mommy's iPhone is the best.
  • Blueberries "blue-ba-ba-ba-beerriiessss"
  • Zoe
  • Thomas the Train
  • Jumping on the couch and body slamming. You are a boy….
  • Vacuums. You're a little weirdo when it comes to vacuums. It is an obsession that we don't quite understand. However, we feed into it by buying you your own Dyson.
  • Praying at dinner. "Oh, Jesus" is what you say to us! haha! After we are done, you say, "AAA MENNN". You also make sure we don't forget to do it!
  • Pretending to eat and drink. I had no idea there was a snack in my hand, but you think it is "yummy".
  • Dancing to any music, anywhere, while screaming "a-dio!!!!!!!!" (radio)
  • Climbing steps. (new development for us-behind on some physical milestones)
  • Counting. You can count to 10 now! Occasionally skipping 7.

I wish there was a pause button on life. I blinked and you were such a big boy! We love you to pieces! <3



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