Whole 30: Halfway Update

April 2014


I have had several people message me about Whole 30 since I started this challenge! I have successfully made it through week 2. I am on day 15! Halfway there!! I am so happy to hear that I have inspired people to join me!

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Week 1 was  really really really hard. I am not going to lie. I was craving EVERYTHING that I couldn't consume. I had awful headaches, (from what I assume was a sugar detox), I was sluggish and exhausted, and I was emotional. It was frustrating to have to plan for every meal of every day for that week. Once I made it through, week 2 was a BREEZE!

Week 2 started out great. I made a few accidental slip ups by baking with approved ingredients (not allowed), and eating corn, (which is a grain). After I realized what I did, I decided not to dwell on them, but get motivated to read about Whole 30 even more and not make any more mistakes! This week was easier to meal plan because I already had a routine of things that worked for me! 


Here are some helpful tips: 

  • Buy lots of eggs. Like 3 dozen per week. 
  • Buy a good extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil. 
  • Buy one vegetable a week that you have never had and force yourself to learn how to cook it. JUST ONE! Do not overwhelm yourself. (ex: eggplant, spaghetti squash..(for me) )
  • Meal plan on Sunday and get prepared for the whole week. Every meal. 
  • Meal prep on Sunday after the grocery. Cut chicken, cut veggies, season veggies, make to-go lunches, etc. 
  • Don't go out to eat if you can help it. (*see story below)
  • Eat before you go to gatherings where there will be temptations. I am less likely to eat a tray full of brownies at my grandmas if I am already full when I get there. 
  • Prepare family members and friends about what you are doing. No one wants to hurt feelings by not eating grandma's cookin'. 
  • If you are craving something in particular that is a bad choice, think about WHY you are craving it. Are you bored? Do you have an emotional attachment to that food? Sounds silly-but it can be really insightful. 
  • Get tough skin. People like to make fun of you for eating the way that you do, not sure why, but prepare for it. 
  • If you are a coffee drinker who hates black coffee, try green tea in the morning. It is less bitter and doesn't leave you missing sugar. 

*Scott and I did go out to a date night, where I ordered fajitas from a Mexican restaurant. I ate the vegetables and chicken with guac and it was awesome. I barely missed the tortillas. I will say, they cooked the food in vegetable oil, and it upset my stomach. From what I read, Whole 30 suggests that you eliminate vegetable/canola oil from your diet. The problem is, if you live a life outside of your home AT ALL, you will be forced to eat it because that is all that most restaurants use because it is cheap. So, you will have to eat it, just don't do it all the time. 


The most common questions I get right now is: "Can you tell a difference yet?"

YES YES YES! I can 1000% already tell a difference.

-My stomach is flat. Zero bloating.

-My clothes are less snug. 

-My skin is clearing up

-I feel AMAZING! My energy level is through the roof! 

-I am sleeping sounder. (When Carter lets me)

-I feel better about myself. I know, silly, but I don't regret anything that I eat. I can't tell you how many times I have got irritated with myself for eating that second cookie, or third slice of pizza......


I can't believe I am halfway done! Who is going to join me for the 2nd half?

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