Carter: 2.5

Carter: 2.5

October 2015

I am two months behind...on life....on Carter's 2.5 pictures. Do people do 2.5 pictures?

Friday we were just playing inside, middle of the day, and I noticed the sun shining really pretty through the trees. "Carter, lets go do some pictures!" Now! Lets go!



Dear Carter,

At 2.5, we rocked your world by bringing home Molly. While you had a hard time at first, you love your sister now. As long as she isn't playing with one of your toys......or looking at you when you don't want her to.....or as long as you don't have to be quiet while she is sleeping.....but you really do like her! My favorite is when you are talking to her when she first wakes up and you think we can't hear you. "Hi Maw-wee, are you wake? Hi sweet girl! Get you paci. Here ya go!" (as I am peeking around the corner so hard that I might fall on my face trying to be discreet)

You are hilarious to listen to. You talk so "big" for your age, but you still have the overuse of W's which is Wonderful!

"pwobabwee" (probably)

"maw-wee" (Molly)

"wittle merdaid" (Little Mermaid)

Just to name a few.



Here is what is going on with you right now:

At this point, you are sleeping so much better! THANK YOU! I have always loved you, but I love you even more now!

We discovered that you "pwobabwee" have allergy induced asthma, just like your mommy. Sorry bud!

You are in 2 year old pre-school. You love your teacher and friends, but hate being dropped off still!

You love shopping with mommy, going to "work" with daddy in his truck, and sleeping over at Grammy's house.

Daddy's truck deserves it's own point. You LOVE LOVE daddy's truck. Especially when you get to ride in it!

You have a love of vacuums to the point of possibly needing therapy later in life.

You love your doggie Zoe.

Our life is so much fun with you in it! You have the ability to push mommy to the point of THERE IS NOT ENOUGH COFFEE IN THE WORLD, to mommy not knowing how I can love one little human so much in the same moment. These pictures capture your personality to much right now! Happy, cheesy, goofy, carefree, and fun.

I love my Carter baby!

<3 Mommy


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