Molly: 9 months

March 2016

Our little butter-ball turned 9 months old, um, over 2 months ago. She will be one in a few short weeks! (OMG HOW I JUST BIRTHED HER!)

To celebrate, I rented a floral backdrop from FLEUR and did a whole thing. I love how they turned out. If you are a photographer, you can rent this for sessions, too!


Molly is so spunky and sweet. She loves to eat, obviously, she doesn't miss a meal. I kiss those big cheeks all day long!

She LOVES to be outside, always has, and loves her brother. The feeling isn't mutual.

She can say "mama", "dada", "baba", "buh-buh"(carter) at this point.

She loves bread, special banana pancakes, blueberries, sweet potatoes, peas, mashed potatoes, lol, um, just about everything.

She is working on getting some teeth, loves bath time, and loves rocking with mama.

Because I can't possibly finish my pictures without a snack, mom.

She is crawling with speed, pulling up on everything, and loves to walk around holding your hands.

Basically, this has been the quickest year of my life, and I couldn't imagine it without her! God is so good!