Meeting Roman: Birth Story

Meeting Roman: Birth Story

Heart racing. Breathing hard. Eyes watering. Look at the clock. Look back. Heart Racing.

Birth photography. WHAT. A. THRILL.

THE most wonderful, powerful, spiritual experience. Period. Nine months of growing a baby, that you will raise for the rest of your life, and you meet them TODAY!

The magnitude of being invited to this life altering experience it not lost on me.

When my friend saw a previous birth that I posted, she said, "Okay, tell me the details. I think I need a birth photographer now." HAHA! So, here we are. Her own birth story.

You may remember when I was live posting this on my IG a couple weeks ago. THE BABY CAME SO FAST OMG.

I got a text from mom in the morning letting me know that they were admitted for induction and that things were slow and to take my time. This was baby number 3 for her, so, naturally I didn't listen to her and I packed our stuff, took the kids to the sitter, and headed that way. We texted a couple times that morning and everything seemed chill and slow. 3/4cm when I left my house.

I arrived at the hospital, chatted in her room for a minute, and started taking some shots. Within 10 minutes, not even playing, her face changed. She had already had her epidural and she was having some pain. The nurse came in to check her, and guess what, COMPLETE AND READY FOR THE DOCTOR!

We immediately went into birth mode. Nurses everywhere, mom getting prepped, and I took my position in the corner of the bed.

Did I mention that THIS WAS A SURPRISE GENDER? They had two boys, and they didn't want to find out what this one was. *que extreme excitement*

Mom pushed like 2.9 seconds......(okay, like 10 minutes)...and.....

ITS A BOY! 3 boys!

Everything happened so fast. After he was delivered, we got some intimate shots of mom/dad/baby, and I went to get grandma from the waiting room to meet her new grandson. I literally had to not talk so I didn't let it slip. There was one lady in the waiting room trying to pry it out of me. *BITING TONGUE-I WILL NOT RUIN THIS SURPRISE*

Since it happened so quickly, I came back later in the evening to capture the brothers and family meeting the baby. Big brother's reaction to another boy is below, too! ;)

I hope that these pictures remain in the family for decades and can bring smiles and joy to their faces every time they look at them! What a day! What A DAY!


These are a few of my favorite things......

These are a few of my favorite things......

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