Houin Lifestyle Session

You may recognize this family from a Fresh 48 session! I came back to have a little lifestyle family/milestone session! The home is.....beyond. It looks like Jo & Chip came and sprinkled their magic dust in each room. I wanted to stay and look at everything.

On top of that, the family is insanely beautiful and they share my love for all things creative and nontraditional when it comes to family sessions. I am pretty sure we only have one or two "here smile at the camera shots". Candid shots are my love language.

I hope you enjoy taking a peek at our session! Click on the squares to enlarge the photos below!

If you would like to have your own nontraditional session, contact me above! Lets make pancakes, give the baby a bubble bath in the sink, and play fetch with the dog. I promise you will love them!