Carter 6 months

August 2013

These pictures of Carter are some of my favorites!


Quick note about his 6 month pictures...I had just got him dressed to go out for the day, and I thought, "he looks cute, lets do a session." I threw him up on the bed and snap snap done. Voila! I am not saying this to brag by any means. I feel like so many people think they need tons of props, a beautiful location, and a whole bag of tricks to get the kids to smile. This is so false. Here we have a giraffe onsie and our bed. Of course, behind the scenes I am acting a fool to get a smile. Whatever it takes. Which is not much with him.

Sometimes less is more. Simple is beautiful. Next time you are getting pictures done, maybe try an in-home session. Try a care free, less hassle approach and see if you like the end result may surprise you.



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