Carter's Birth Story

This is our birth story. This is our journey on how we met sweet Carter.     

February 8th, 2013 4:14pm.    7lbs 5oz 20in long


February 2nd, 2013 was the anticipated date. We were counting down the days with our "What to Expect" app on my iphone...


The day came and went...I was walking like crazy trying to start labor. Nothing got started. Nada. We were getting anxious...

That following Monday, February 4th, we went in for my 40 week appt. I was only 1 cm! We discussed how long I was comfortable waiting...options...etc. I left that day with a follow-up appointment for that Thursday, the 7th. We would be getting an ultrasound to make sure there was enough amniotic fluid to continue waiting, and also to have a non-stress test to make sure he was moving enough.

(this is where it got interesting)

We walked into the ultrasound anxious to see our baby! I got into position and the tech placed the wand on my stomach and said, "Oh, we have a breech baby." am sorry, you MUST be mistaken! He has been head down this ENTIRE time! He CAN'T BE! All of that dialogue was in my head...I honestly think all I could get out was, "WHAT?" (with tears in my eyes as I looked at Scott for an explanation) You see, we had been to weeks and weeks of natural labor classes, created a birth plan, downloaded hypnobirthing techniques for my phone to listen to, read books and articles about labor, and prepared ourselves for a regular delivery for months! THIS WAS NOT HAPPENING! I was SO upset. This was not MY plan! How could my body do this to me? Isn't this supposed to be the most natural thing for our bodies?

Defeated, we went through with the non-stress test and discussed options. At that time, I was 40weeks 5days pregnant. There was not much time for him to flip on his own, and the possibility of that was slim with his size. We considered acupuncture, abrasion, chiropractic, etc. After talking to several doctors, anesthesiologists, and my mom, we decided to go forward with the c-section.

Looking back, there was ONE statement that helped us with the decision. The doctor who was going to be performing the c-section is a family friend. He told my mom, "Generally, when a baby is breech, there is a reason for it." That stopped me in my tracks. Of course there is a reason. It was God's plan. Not mine. He knew what was best for Carter, not us on the outside with our book knowledge and hypnobirthing soundtracks. We were some consumed with how WE wanted labor to go, how WE wanted Carter to be delivered, that we didn't even consider the best thing, the safest thing, for Carter. At that moment we made the decision. C-section at 4pm on February 8th. (little fact: the cord was wrapped around his neck. We will never know for sure, but who knows the complications that could have came if I tried to deliver naturally..God is so smart. Thankfully I will never have to find out)

The morning of February 8th, 2013 was just like any other. I woke up after not getting much rest. (How could I?) I took a shower, cleaned up, made sure all the bags were packed, and took a nap. We left for the hospital very calm and at peace with our decision. With butterflies (and a baby) in my belly, we entered the hospital as a couple, and three days later, we would walk out as a family. Everyone safe and healthy. The way is was meant to be.

We got admitted and the process got started in triage. This should be the easy part, right? (if you get queazy talking about blood, skip this part) They came in to get a blood sample. That part was uncomfortable, but went alright....Then our nurse came in and introduced herself and the nurse she was training. She was needed by someone else, so she left the trainee to do my i.v. Well, the complimented my veins telling me how lucky I am because I had great veins. First try-blew the vein. She picked a 2nd spot....blew the vein. Blood everywhere. (sorry for the details) I acted like it didn't bother me. I didn't want her to be embarrassed. She put the tourniqueton for the third attempt, and got it WAY to tight..I told her I was feeling dizzy, she didn't listen. She was focused so intently on the site, that she failed to realize I passed out. Scott said, " Emily? Emily? I think she passed out. Yeah, she is passed out!" She finally realized it and tried to get me to wake up. I guess my eyes opened and that was good enough, so she proceeded with the awful i.v. (As I was still passed out) Eventually, between Scott and the other nurses hearing the commotion, they came in and woke me up with ammonia. That wasn't very pleasant to wake up to! The main nurse, not the trainee, came in to complete the i.v. (The 4th attempt) Lets just say, it got so messy, that they had to give me new sheets and arm bands. YIKES! That part was MUCH worst that the actual C-section!

The anesthesiologist and doctor came in to tell me how everything was about to go down. They really made me feel prepared and comfortable with it by the time I went back. I told the anesthesiologist that I wanted to remember it, so to give me the least amount of meds as possible. Some things are still fuzzy, but for the most part, I remember getting wheeled in by myself, talking to the nurses, Scott coming in after they had already started, and at 4:14pm, the little cry from behind the curtain. They showed him to us before they cleaned him up, all gooey and amazing.  Scott said, "He has hair!" (An ongoing conversation from the past about what he would like like-and if he had hair..) They got him wrapped up and brought him to us for a family picture and snuggle time. I gave Scott strict orders to stay with him and get a TON of pictures. He did great!


The birth may not have been what WE had planned, but it went flawlessly. We now have a healthy baby boy growing like a weed! Thank you for reading! :)

Carter 6 months