Carter: July 2014

I am so grateful to be apart of this blog circle. Every month, this group of mothers write letters to their sweet boys. It forces us to take a step back, take a few photos, and remember those sweet things that the babies are up to these days. This entry isn't written directly to Carter this time, but I plan on continuing that in the future.

A friend was telling me about how she saw a book called, "Things My Kids Say". It was a blank book that you would write down all of the funny little sayings or words that you want to remember. I feel like this blog does that for me. It forces me to pick up my camera and take some pictures of MY OWN child, edit them-sort of-, and take the time to think about what he is up to this month. It is amazing to me how much he changes in a month. I know that every seasoned parent says, "you will blink and they will be grown up", and I am starting to see why. I mourn each passing season with excitement for the next one. Isn't that strange? I am literally sad that he isn't a baby, but happy that he is in this new fun stage at the same time.

^Every time we walk outside, he will look for the "kit-tee-cats" in the neighbors yard. The black one, Mr. Kitty, loves him. He will roll all over him and Carter just squeals. In other animal news, he has found a new interest in our dogs, Lola and Zoe. All of a sudden he wants to pet them, sit with them, and bring them toys. It is the sweetest thing.

Also, he can say, "Cowwww...moooo", "kit-tee-cat...maaoowww", "beeee...(sort of a buzz sound)", "birdeee.....ta-weet ta-weet". Seriously, it was all from an app on the ipad! ;)

^We are playing a lot outside "side" right now. We are running in circles, riding or pushing the cozy coupe, drawing with chalk, playing with his magnets on his easel, or looking for the neighbor's cats. We have overcome the scary grass, and will gladly walk in it now. (Thank the Lord)


^It is really hard to get pictures of this stinker. He gives me a run for my money. I have to take any chance I can to snap when he is locked down. haha


^The rest of the images are from when we went to go check out the construction on our new home. What a wonderful playground for a little boy who loves getting into things!


Other note-worthy things to remember:

We recently discovered he has a cantaloupe allergy. Random.

He loves playing with little kids and bringing them toys, while saying, "Thank you". A little backwards, but whatever. ;)

At dinner, he will remind us to "pway" followed by saying "agh-men".

At night, we have a routine of singing a song before I lay him down, and he has recently started singing with me. :)

He still LOVES to eat "bites" and "snacks".

He will tell you if he has a dirty diaper by saying, "poot". lol

His favorite shows are: Thomas (of course), Calliou (blah), Zou, and The Chica Show. He calls all of these "shows".


He is seriously such a joy to be around. I know I am biased, but he is such a friendly, happy baby. We are so blessed. <3

Carter: August 2014

Family Pictures 2014