Family Pictures 2014

June 2014 (A post from a blog circle, "a letter to our sons")


A couple months ago, we had our family pictures taken. You were a little bear. This "fun" age is wearing mama out! If there was ever a title for a session, I believe this one would be "Go-Go-Go!" As crazy as you are, I love you and I would't change a thing about you! 

Now you are a few months older, and little more "fun". :)

You LOVE "kitty-cats!" And they love you! It's weird. And your super gentle with them! Which is also weird.

Your favorite food is sweet potatoes! 

You LOVE almond milk. 

Your new phrases are: "are youuuu" (Where are you) & "merrree" (Come here). "Mere" is my favorite because you pat your leg and holler for whatever you want to come! lol

You love your numbers toy that has all of the buttons. We love playing 56789654 times with you!

You HATE being told no.

You love throwing things away. Including your paci, toys, and the $20 bottle of sunscreen mommy bought. 

You also love hiding everything! I found two of your paci's in my boots yesterday!

You and Thomas the Train are on a first name basis. "Tom" comes with us everywhere.

You love the ipad. Whoops. I hope I am not messing you up too bad! It is super creepy watching you use it!

I love that you still snuggle, play with my hair, and let me rock you. This week after your haircut, I wondered what happened to my baby, but your still there. I love you Carter! <3


Carter: July 2014

Beach Vacation 2014