Introducing our little.......

Introducing our little.......

(January 2015)


It's a………pretzel! We know one thing for sure. This little one is very modest. In the ultrasound, SHE had her legs crossed, feet crossed, both pulled up in front of her, with her hand inside her thigh. That is actually a hand that you see grabbing the leg up there! She didn't want anyone to know what she was. Clearly.

(feet crossed)

I made sure to drink caffeine and lots of water before the ultrasound, and she was doing flips the whole time! Actually, the acrobatics ended on top of my bladder, and the tech actually pointed that out! Luckily, at the tail end of one of the flips, she gave the ultrasound tech ONE view! The entire time, the tech told us that "she wasn't going to be able to tell us what it was…" BUMMER! However, everything looked good on the scan, so no complaining. At the very end she tried one more time, and we found out! *probably* ha!

SHE, (am I ever going to get used to that?), weighs approx. 12oz, and is measuring ahead of her due date!

At the end of the scan, I asked her if she was 100% sure of the gender. She said, "No ultrasound can be 100%, just make sure you always save receipts!" AH! I guess there is always a chance! ;) If SHE comes out a HE, we will have a good story and lots of redecorating and returns! hehe

We left the ultrasound and went to my friend Carla's studio later that afternoon where we actually FOUND OUT! I took a pink and a blue balloon and had Carla put the right color in our hands while she documented us opening our eyes to find out. (The original plan was for Carter to hold the balloon, but you know how THAT goes!) We are so grateful to her and her talent to capture our little announcement in a private setting! It made it really special for us!


Once we have all of our photos back, I will share the reveal and some of Carter's 2 year pictures!

Thank you so much for all of the love online, in texts, over the phone, etc. We are so blessed and appreciate you all taking time our of your day to congratulate us! 

Gender Reveal Session

Gender Reveal Session

The night before the ultrasound..