The night before the ultrasound..

Tomorrow is a BIG DAY! Imagine when you were a child on Christmas Eve with the longing of the next few hours to go quickly so that it could be tomorrow. That is me. Right now. I am a giddy 5 year old waiting for Santa. The only difference is that my "Santa" is going to be in a gynecologist office with a magic little wand that will tell us if our baby is healthy and if we will be buying hair bows or bow ties in the upcoming weeks. Okay, maybe not bow ties, maybe more like re-washing big brother's clothes as hand-me-downs. We will know, tomorrow afternoon, if Carter will have a little brother or sister. I. CAN. NOT. WAIT! (If you haven't noticed) *Watch this baby keep its legs closed tight and sleep the whole way through!

I wanted to write this post to document my feelings. Sadly, it is hard to get excited about things when it is the "second time around". This pregnancy has flown by. Most days I forget that I am pregnant until I walk past a mirror, or try to put on clothes that I swear fit me yesterday? Being busy with a toddler doesn't leave much time to focus on the growing little one. I just trust that God has that one under control. (Have I mentioned that I am going to be in charge of two human lives in a couple months? Holy freaking cow.)

I have a hunch of what I think it is. With Carter's pregnancy, I swore up and down that it was a boy from Day 1. I even wore a blue shirt to the ultrasound to prove my point. Guess what, I WAS RIGHT! Imagine that! (It happens all the time, hehe) I am going to keep my guesses to myself, unless you can find secret messages, but I will be interested to see if my guess is right this time, too. Mommy intuition is crazy.

I get asked, "What I want", all the time. To be honest, I am so happy to have another little human like Carter running around that I couldn't care less if it wears pink or blue. He is seriously the sweetest, coolest kid around. I am ecstatic to be able to have another sweet baby to rock to sleep, cry happy-mommy tears over, and have that "mommy's baby" bond with. I would be lying if I told you that I didn't long for a mother/daughter connection because of the great relationship that I share with my mom, but I know that Carter and I will be close, too. There is just something about a mom and a daughter's relationship that is just different. I would also be lying if I said that I didn't want Carter to have a brother. I think having two or more of the same gender allows for a brotherly or sisterly bond that a brother/sister relationship just doesn't compare to. However, I have a brother, and I think it would be really cool for Carter to have an amazing sister like I have been to Kyle. (wink wink) I guess in this case, it is a win/win. God has seen the future of our family and knows the perfect baby to fit into it. 

We are so blessed to be given the family that we have, and I am so excited to find out that next little bit of information about our journey! In our ultrasound tomorrow, as long as there are no complications, we will ask the tech to write down the gender for us to open later. My friend Carla is going to document our reactions of us opening the envelope and we will share those pictures later! 

Now, I am going to attempt to close my eyes and sleep. Hahahahahaha! Right. 

Until tomorrow…..