Where do I even start?

Where do I even start?

I have really let it go. My blog that is. I think the last time that I posted a personal blog it was in OCTOBER of 2016.

January of 2016, we sold our house to start construction on our new house.

August of 2016, we got licensed to be foster parents.

September-December of 2016, we had foster children in our home.

February 2017, our house FINALLY started construction after a 9/10 month delay by a terrible, no good, septic system situation.

June 2017, we moved out of our rental, and into my mom's house until our house is complete. We are hoping ANY DAY NOW! Literally.

June 2017, I re-started my photography business.

To say we have been busy would be an understatement. It has all been good things, just stressful things.


The kids are growing like weeds. They are actually playing together and it is the sweetest thing ever. They also fight like cats and dogs. I feel like my title should be mom/referee.

There have been moments lately where I just seriously look around and can't believe this is my life. I have a wonderful husband, two awesome kids, and amazing family...I know people say that all the time and it is so cheesy, but I am truly so thankful for my village. When your roots aren't planted somewhere, and you are living in limbo with your possessions in suitcases and boxes, you focus more on just being together and what is really important. I love this family of mine. No matter where we live.

Everyone keeps saying, " so is this it? Your forever home?" Welll.......I wouldn't go that far. This is our 4th house in 7 years. We like to do this, but I would say we will focus more on helping other people with their homes for a while. ;) Moving with kids is a whole other level of cray.

The photography business is exactly where I want it to be right now. It is manageable, letting me focus on the family first, and still enjoy what I love to do. I have dabbled more into birth/hospital/document photography and I LOVEEEE IT! There is nothing like the rush of documenting a birth, or siblings meeting their brother or sister for the first time...or an adoption! You GUYS! UGH I JUST LOVE IT!

We joined a new church. That was also a big deal for us. We went to the same church for YEARS, and we both felt that God was leading us in a different direction. We were frustrated with that feeling and tried to make it work for a long time, but we slowly found ourselves at GBC (Graceland) and absolutely love it. They are my people. The kids love their classes, the teachers are sent straight from heaven, my MOPS group is held there, and I have found a network of moms that almost makes me want to cry just thinking about it because they are so good to me. It was a hard change, but God must have needed us somewhere else right now, and I am so happy that we followed that tugging.

Shew. So MUCH. SO MUCH to talk about. I will do an update soon about Foster Care and what it looks like for our family.

<3 Emily


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