Meeting Luke: Birth Story

My friend, and fellow photographer, asked me to photograph her birth. Her due date was 4 days after my brother's wedding......that was being held in TENNESSEE. When we booked it, I made sure that she understood that there was a chance that I would be gone. We had all of the necessary chats about what we would do, etc, and continued on with the plan. This is baby #4, so we really anticipated that he would be early like his brothers and sisters anyway.

Fast forward several months later, to May 24th. A Wednesday. My mom decided to go to Tennessee a day early to help them prepare for the wedding. She asked me to go with her, and something told me not to. I would have had extra help with the kids for the trip, but I was really overwhelmed with what needed to be done before we left, so I told her to go without me and I would leave the next morning bright and early. I had been chatting with Carla about how she was feeling and really wanted to give *just a little bit* more time, just in case. I told my mom on the phone, "I just have this feeling it is going to be tomorrow...."

Thursday morning comes, the day we are leaving, and I wake up to a text from 5:30am saying, "I think my water broke!" QUE THE THANKS TO JESUS ALMIGHTY that I didn't leave that day before. Mama was in labor.

I immediately found child care, packed up the car to leave for the trip, and headed to the hospital. Game time.

One thing you have to understand about Carla is she is not your normal "laborer". She is chill. Zen even. She doesn't moan or scream. She acted like someone was pinching her at about 7cm. There was a speaker and music playing, laughing between family members, and chatter throughout the entire labor process. We joked that it was almost like we were out to eat or at a get together, not in a labor and delivery room.

Things progressed as normal and mama did start to have more pain. She has had 3 UN-medicated births, and that was the plan for this little one, too. However, her water never broke with the first three. Let me tell you from experience, after your water breaks, labor is INTENSE. Around 7cm, mama decided to get an epidural. We were all like, "YES GIRL. DO YOU!" The doctor came in, and before he even left the hallway, she was complete, 10cm, and ready to push. Baby born was born before the epi even had to chance to work. But you know what, it went exactly the way it was supposed to, and there is a happy mama, and healthy baby! What more could you ask for?

(fun fact, we all took wagers on when he would come....and mom won)

I continued to photograph some first moments, and high tailed it to Tennessee right after! It was one of the best days! I am SOOOOOO glad my gut/God/instincts told me to stay home one more day. Every time someone asks me to be included in such a special moment is such a privilege. I thank God every day for this talent that allows me to experience some of life's greatest moments and document them for others.

If you are looking for a birth photographer, or know someone who else, contact me! I would love to do this for you!

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