Meeting Summer: Birth Story

I would call this session more of a hybrid Fresh 48 session and birth session merged together. This was such a special day!

This mama is a fellow photographer. It is funny, it seems like most photographers want to document their birth. This was the first of two births that I photographed in about 1 months time. It is such an intimate and special moment, and I am so thankful that these families trust me to be there to capture the moment.

I received a text while I was at church that mama was in labor. I left after church and went straight home to get my gear and eagerly awaited when they said it was time for me to come to the hospital! I told everyone that I saw that I was on "baby watch!" It is so exciting!!

As mama got to the hospital, labor stalled, and they told me to hold off and make sure labor didn't stop. We went along with our plans for the day, and I got a few more texts from dad letting me know she was progressing and I might want to come. Baby Summer was born 8 minutes after I got to the hospital! Natural! Once she decided that she wanted to make that day her birthday, she didn't waste any time! Since things got a little intense at that moment, mama decided that she would rather I wait until after baby was out for me to come in.

The nurse came out and had be come in right after I heard the first cry. I was able to capture all of those first moments for them. Here is a gallery of some of those moments. I left a lot for the parents to keep private and cherish, but these are such a sweet documentation of those first bonding moments and meeting big brother for the first time.

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