Houin Fresh 48 Session

I walked into the hospital room and acoustic music was playing, the room was clean, mom was looking fabulous, their toddler was sitting on the couch reading a book, and they greeted me with refreshed eyes and big smiles! Did I walk in the wrong room? Didn't you JUST GIVE BIRTH?

Sorry, I am confused, but when I had my deliveries, I was not like this. HA! This was the cutest little session. I got to photograph an old friend from high school, her new little man, and the family of four together for the first time. This is SUCH a precious moment you guys. I know that I harp on this a lot, but GET IN THE PHOTOS! I know you might not feel up to being in the photos yet, but I promise you will look back and thank yourself for the memories!

Click through the pictures to view more from their session! You might even see a new big brother and the cutest little sibling shots ever!