Brumett Family Session

Minnie Mouse. Tall socks. Basketball. Sunglasses. Fancy jewelry.

These are a few of their favorite things....

So...why not add them to the session?

I love when people coordinate favorite things. Don't just remember the age, but remember what blanket the liked to carry around, what cartoon character played on repeat, what sport kept them in the yard all day? I firmly believe that less is more. I am not a prop junkie, however, meaningful items, that can jolt you back to a past memory, are more than welcome.

We played, chased, danced, found the sun, watched the ducks, played basketball, threw Minnie Mouse in the air, looked fierce in Minnie Mouse sunglasses, and so much more...

The genuine smiles. Sure, they are great. But snuggles with Minnie Mouse, silly faces because brother hugged you too tight, airplane arms and laughter while on dad's shoulders, those are my favorites. Enjoy more from our session here: