Green Family Session

I have to admit, I was little nervous going into this session. Usually, family sessions just flow and feel like second nature, but this one gave me some butterflies...

You may recognize this family if you are from, or have visited, Graceland Baptist Church. Yep, the Pastor's family. No pressure right? ;)

From the moment we got started, the session flowed so easily. The title and the pressure left the building and all was good. Amazing, even. I loved getting to know more of The Greens on a family level, and not just "the pastor's family" level. You know? I learned about what they love to do as a family, which daughter is the shy one, the fact they they love to read books and dress fancy, etc. (Also, I may have worn a tiara during the session, but there are no pictures of

We were welcomed with open arms to Graceland. Our kids are loved on by so many people who have dedicated their time to make church educational and fun for them. You can relate to the messages on a personal level, dive deep in the word, and feel like you are helping reach the community every week. If you know me, you know that missions and community involvement are high on my list of things that I love. You will find this here, along with MANY people willing to put in the time and energy serving. The focus is not on just reaching the people inside of the church, but OUT of the church as well.

So, take a minute to scroll the photos of the Green family, and come visit them in person at GBC at 9:00 and 10:30 this Sunday! <3