Travel Journal: Jellystone

Travel Journal: Jellystone

This week's travels took us up the road to Jellystone in Bloomington, IN. It was recommended by several people as a kid favorite!

Jellystone camps are all over. We chose this one because of the waterpark, and the fact that it wasn't too far of a drive. (We may have bought a camper, but we aren't quite ready to travel to out west just yet. We can adventure around here for a while!

One thing we noticed this time around is that we are getting faster and more efficient with all of the camper things. Hook ups, clean-ups, etc. It has been a learning experience, but we have found our groove. We have watched lots of Youtube videos, had some trial and error, and just plain messed some stuff up in order to learn how to do it the right way. 

This trip was a little bit of hiking to see a waterfall (that was dried up..ha), baking pizza on the fire (because we couldn't figure out the oven in the camper), and lots of time at the water park (baby pool/regular pool because my kids were intimidated by the rushing water at the top of the water slides) 

So while our adventures may look like a fun weekend, please don't think it was without toddler meltdowns and perfectly curated time together. We had our fair share of those moments, too! I will say, it is usually less meltdowns when we are outside and doing things, but.....toddlers. 

At this particular Jellystone, there were 

  • Trails (which sometimes lead to a waterfall HA)

  • Pool, baby pool/splash area, water park with slides

  • Recreation area where there are activities for the kids on the weekends (we painted pottery, for example)

  • Pledge of Allegiance and stretches at the flag pole with Yogi bear

  • Ice cream/food area

  • Mining (however we did not get to experience that)

  • Basketball

  • Horseshoes

  • Jumping Pad

Overall if was a fun experience. I think that the next time I would go, I would make sure to go on a weekend with lots of activities. If you would prefer to have some space to yourself, I would select spots 31,32,33. They are more secluded. 

Here are some big camera, and cell pics from our weekend. <3

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