Favorite Things: May

Favorite Things: May

Dusting off the ol blog to give you some of my recent favorite things!


I am not saying that you have to buy all of this, but you are going to want to if you have babies. ;)

First, my Miss Fong Diaper Bag

I am sure that you have seen a popular, (expensive), diaper bag that looks just like this! I was drooling over it when I was pregnant with Callie, and someone sent me this dupe, (hate that word), on Amazon! It is about $150 cheaper if I remember correctly!

It is leather, has lots of pockets, changing pad, and is really great quality. It comes with different strap options. I love that it is a backpack because it gives me both hands for ALL of the kids.

ANDDDD since it was so much cheaper, I bought the mini backpack in pink for Molly to be able to carry with me! It is basically the exact same thing, just smaller. (and it doesn’t have the changing pad)

Next is the Bucklebee! Molly is in the third row with Carter now, and she CAN NOT unbuckle the bottom buckle of her carseat. To keep from having to crawl to the back every single time, we got this little contraption to help her unbuckle herself. It works perfect. HOWEVER, make sure your child knows not to unbuckle themselves while you are driving. Molly is afraid to break the rules, for now, so we are good there!

For the last year, I have had regular bed rails on Molly’s bed, and I decided that I wanted to do something smaller and less bulky. I found this bed bumpers and they might be one of my favorite kid products I have purchased. Ever. They have little grips on the bottom so that it doesn’t slide around, AND I can actually make her bed now! (Well, we rarely make beds-lets be honest, but I have the OPTION to make her bed now) LOL

Lately I have been trying to be more conscious about recycling and consumption, and I discovered these Puj cups! They stick to the refrigerator and the kids hang their cups there and fill them up all day long when they want a drink. NO MORE missing cups. NO MORE washing 10 cups a day. I love them. I bought the pack of 4 so that I can rotate them when I am washing the others.

Callie is on all formula now, and her formula comes in bags. I went to the mothership (Amazon) and found this little container to keep it in. I can pop it in the diaper bag and take it with us and not worry about the lid popping off. It also has a space to keep the scoop in the top so it doesn’t get buried by formula! (I got the pink one)

And it would be silly for me to forget to mention my favorite BeautCounter kids products!

  1. Sunscreen- A lot of people have been messaging me about this article being circulated about sunscreen (https://www.cnn.com/2019/05/06/health/sunscreen-bloodstream-fda-study/index.html) It is so scary. I urge you to check EWG.org and see how your sunscreen ranks. BeautyCounter uses a mineral sunscreen and it is much safer than what you might find on store shelves! There is a lotion, stick, and spray. If you would like a sample, I have a few to mail! :)

  2. Body Wash, Shampoo, and Conditioner. I use their kid’s line exclusively on the kids. I love the smell and it lasts for a long time!

  3. Baby Balm. It is a protective cream that is great for eczema, dry spots, and diaper cream. I use it ALL OVER Molly and Callie.

Shop all of those here: https://www.beautycounter.com/emilykayburke

I hope you enjoyed my favorite things!! Let’s see if I can remember to do the same next month! ;)

*This post contains affiliate links for Amazon, but everything I recommended is a personal favorite of mine that I have purchased and used for our family.

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