Our little Molly: Newborn Session


I am alive!!

As you may recall, I am on a break from photography! Even if I wasn't, there was no way I was going to turn down the opportunity for someone else to capture Molly's newborn session for me! The last time I tried to do my own newborn session, it didn't go so well! I highly recommend that if you are a photographer, you beg and bargain with your super amazing sweet photographer friends to see if they would do the session for you! It was so neat to be on the other side of the camera and watch the session through the eyes of a client! ;)

Carla and I met a couple years ago through photography and I instantly loved her. You know when you meet someone, and you can just tell that are always nice and genuine with you? That is her. I never hesitate referring anyone to her because I know they will have a great experience and be taken care of! (and of course have super cute-high quality pictures!)

Our session was pretty quick, in newborn session hour terms-lol, Molly stayed asleep the whole time and stayed pretty clean. ;) Now, Carter on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with the pictures. One day soon, I will have a picture of the two of them together. Now is not that time! haha

I will be sharing our birth photos from another sweet talented friend, along with the birth story, very soon! I have sat down to write it 5235 several times now. Limited blogging times these days! hehe!

We are so happy to share these pictures of our sweet girl with you! She is such a little blessing. (And, dare I say she likes to sleep? I mean, like amazing night time sleeper right now. God knows that I couldn't handle two bad sleepers! ;)

Molly Anne Burke-6 pounds-7 ounces-19 inches


If you like what you see, and you would like to get in touch with Carla, please contact her here!  You may remember her as Carla Thompson Photography, but she is now part of the AE Photography team! Visit their site here!

<3 EM